Okay… are you ready?

…As I’ll ever be. This is a weird thing we’re doing and I’m pumped.

It does feel weird, doesn’t it?


So here we are, first official podcast episode, of our first official podcast.

Crazy. This is very odd; I’m so into it though.

We are feeling all the feelings.

I’m just excited to see your face as often as I have for the past couple weeks.

I know, right?! This is very great: I’m a fan.
Okay. So this is supposed to be like a 10 minute version, so let’s get to it.

We’ll see how we do.

We’ll see how we do.
In this episode, we just want to give you a short introduction of who we are and what this is and why this is… for you to figure out if you want to keep listening to it.

Which we hope that you will.

So I am Hanna.

And I’m Megan.

We are both turning 32 this year, right?

I know, isn’t that crazy?

Yeah. We are six weeks apart; we’re both turning 32 this year.
I’m German, Megan is American.
Why we have this relationship, we’ll tell you in a different episode.

Yeah, that’s a whole other story.

That’s a whole other story. If you’re interested in that, stay tuned. And I’ll pass the baton, Megan, you say something.

Sure. So our podcast is called: Hey Mama, I have questions.
And that is because, basically we have so many questions.
I am a mom, and I have tons of questions, and Hanna plans to be a mom at some point and has a bunch of questions.
So we want to ask each other questions, we want to ask other people questions, we want to ask you guys questions.
So that is what we’re planning to talk to talk about. Just basically everything pregnancy, early parenting, babyhood, eventually toddlerhood – because imma have a toddler soon.

Trying to conceive, because that’s going to be me at some point.

Right, exactly. Yeah, so just everything, top to bottom.
We tend to have really intense conversations about personal stuff and about stuff that is awkward and stuff that is taboo.
And we just want to put all of the awkwardness and taboo stuff over in the corner, not the stuff, put the taboo-ness and the awkwardness in the corner and tell them to chill out and calm down for a minute, because we’re just gonna talk about it.
So we hope that you’re down for that. We’re gonna get real, we’re gonna get very honest, and we’ll probably have differences of opinions.
Hanna and I agree on core value stuff, but the way that we go about that is oftentimes really different.
So that’ll be interesting for us to navigate too and hopefully interesting for you.

That’s a lot of the reason why we want to do this podcast. Which we’ll get more in depth in the next episode, too, but I just wanted to say, that we welcome these differences.


And that that’s part of why we’re doing this: To put these differences out there.

We love each other internally anyway.


That was a little much.

Also, more on that in different episodes.
This is an intense relationship that you get to be part of.

We like each other a lot.

We do.
So anyways, if you’re watching the video, you might have picked up on the fact, that we’re not in a room together. Which is, because, like I said in the beginning, Megan is in the United States, and I’m in Germany.


So this is how we talk.
So in the video, we will be looking down, at our computer screens, while we’re listening to the other one talking. I hope you’re not bothered by that.
All right, so the plans for now are, that we start airing episodes in the beginning of February and that we get one out every Thursday.

So it’s probably February when you’re listening to this. Or, you know, later, if you’re checking us out.

Yeah, if it’s later, then that’s really exciting, because that means, that this stuck and we’re still doing it. So send us a message in that case, that’s exciting.
What else? We do have an Instagram, we do have a Website.
We’ll link everything below.
We have a YouTube. That’s where the video, that I mentioned, is on.
We want to do that for accessibility reasons.
And on that note, this is getting way too long, but: If there is something, accessibility wise, that we’re not doing it and you think we should be doing, please tell us.

There’s a contact page on our website where you can send us an email or you can send it to our email address directly. Right?

Hello lovely listeners, this is Hanna from the editing chair.
I wanted to jump in here, because I said the wrong email address in the recording.
It’s: heymama@heymamaihavequestions.com.Of course I will have it in the description.
And I also wanted to add again: Please tell us, if there’s anything we should be doing for accessibility. Because we don’t know really anything about it yet.
So yeah, please tell us. We’re eager to learn and to do as much as we can with our present resources.
So yeah, please tell us and please also have patience if we can’t do all of the things yet.
Okay, back to the original recording.

You can use that email directly or you can use the contact form on our website that will go to the same email.

Okay, we should close up.

So, we can’t wait! We will see you next time. Or, you know, you’ll hear us next time.

Talk to you again soon!


…That worked!


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