Hi! We are Hanna (left) and Megan (right).

We are sisters who come from different parents, have different nationalities and live on different continents.

We are far apart geographically but couldn’t be closer in our hearts and minds.

Megan, who is from the U.S., did an exchange year in Germany and stayed with Hanna and her family for six months.

And that was it. We couldn’t imagine a life without each other.

We do a pretty good job at visiting each other regularly and we facetime quite a lot.

All the more excited we are to do this podcast together now, because it gives us an excuse to talk to each other sooo much! 😀

We share many interests, and everything around having and children is definitely one of them! We looove talking about all things pregnancy and parenting.

Soooo…. we hope that you like to listen to us explore all the oh so many questions we have around this and take part in the conversation through our various platforms.

Talk to you there! 😘