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#007 Here comes (the) baby!

#007 Here comes (the) baby!

Megan's positive birth story asa a first time mom.

We've all been waiting for it and it's finally here: Megan's birth story. Make some popcorn and lean back; this is a good one.

#006 Obsessed with Hypnobirthing

#006 Obsessed with Hypnobirthing

Giving birth without fear

Megan talks about her birth preparation, why she loves hypnobirthing and wants to preach the calm birth gospel for all kinds of births!

#005 How we feel about pregnancy rules.

#005 How we feel about pregnancy rules.

...hold my beer

Do you have to get an associates degree before getting pregnant? It sure feels like that sometimes. Listen in on us discussing how overwhelming all the "rules", decisions, and other people's opinions seem to us and how we dealt/plan to deal with it.


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