This episode is all about names. We discuss how we got our ‘married names’ and how we feel about them, and the ways we navigate choosing baby names. Plus why does Hanna have a whole secret life where she’s called Charlotte??? Find out in this episode! 

Edit March 2021: The name for my business and social media handles I say in this episode (Charlotte Stein Coaching) is not true anymore. I am rebranding. It’s now just my maiden name: Hanna Charlotte Stein ( -H

Time stamps:

In the beginning, we catch up and chat a little about how downtime changes after having a baby.

6:20 Introduction of the “Chapters”.

8:20 Chapter 1: Hanna or Charlotte? Who are you even?

15:07 Chapter 2: Who is this person that everyone keeps addressing? How and why Megan doesn’t identify with her married name.

33:55 Chapter 3: Should we name our child Archillus? How Megan’s son got his name. 

41:40 Chapter 4: You are a what now? Hanna received her first child’s gender and name in a Medium session. And her husband hates the name.

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Here you can find the transcript to the episode in English. (The video on YouTube also has subtitles.)

Und hier findest du das Transkript der Übersetzung auf Deutsch. (Das Video auf YouTube hat auch deutschen Untertitel.)

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