Hanna and Megan talk about periods and cycles this week! Our constant companion (with some breaks) is a topic of much discussion in our relationship, and we love to talk about her. Hanna shares her many-faceted journey through pills and products and the cycle of the moon, and how she got to where she’s at – in tune with where her body is and what it needs. Megan talks about getting back her old familiar, though now foreign, rhythm after being period-free for over a year. It’s a beautiful, bloody, magical time.

MegMegan mentions Hanna’s Instagrams and Websites:

AMANAS is a collaboration of hers with her friend Niqui. The Instagramwebsite and podcast are in German.

Her individual Website is also German, but her Instagram is sometimes in English. 😉

She does offer her services in English. So feel free to DM her on Instagram or send her an email if you are interested or want to know more. (kontakt@hannacharlottestein.com)

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