We’re talking about the impact of the first 8 weeks of a baby’s life today, and how important they are for our lives as adults. Hanna brings us an excerpt from “What Happened to You” by Oprah Winfrey & Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD. We learn about how secure connection and a safe, stable environment for just eight weeks when a baby is born gives us a huge leg up in dealing with adverse childhood experiences. Babies may not ‘remember’ that time, but it’s still so crucial!

**TW – We don’t talk much about specific instances of trauma but do give a few examples, one around PTSD from combat experience (25:10-27:23), mention of miscarriage (12:30-12:40), and one that involves murder (9:17-11:30). None of these are detailed, we just mention the situation as an example. (The last time stamp is so long because we use that example to explain rhythm as a regulating tool.)

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