Megan had a positive, peaceful, and powerful water birth at a free-standing birth center with a midwife (CLM), and talks all about her birth from being in denial, to chilled out laboring at home, using hypnobirthing techniques, and the AWESOME support she had from her birth partner and birth team.

Links we mentioned in the episode:

Hannah Mickalak’s birth video

Louise Pentland’s birth video

The Positive Birth Company

The Positive Birth Company’s YouTube channel

Hypnobirthing US – find a local instructor

Hypnobirthing – Practical ways to make your birth better by Siobhan Miller** I haven’t read this book, but Siobhan Miller is AWESOME. So I think this will probably be in line with her general awesomeness. -M

HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method by Marie F. Mongan**
This one I’m hesitant to really recommend. I liked the classes more than I liked the book. But it is the original and can be a good resource. -M

The romper dress Megan wore during labor

Megan’s nursing pillow

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